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Chipless Mods Firmware Modifications offers alternatives to the stock firmware that normally are not found or are locked features fom the factory. By offering options for a variety of Manufacturers Chipless Mods can help almost any Cryptocurrency Miner increase their overall profits. 99% of the Chipless Mods Firmware offers a minimum of Frequency, Voltage and Fan Control. The aditional options such as per chip or per board settings are available on most models of SHA256 Miners.

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Here you will find the custom firmware download links for your miners model and manufacturer. Some miners may require the SD flash the first time in order to unlock the miners firmware from the factory. Please verify your Pool Settings after the install is complete as some instalations may change the pool when using the SD method of installation. Whatsminer Custom Installs WILL change your pool during the installation and requires you to set your pool and worker name again once the installation is complete. Please follow any readme documentation is included for your miners custom firmware.


































Test and Repair Files

Custom Firmware Under Development

Release Dates are Pending

Antminer S19j
Avalon 1246
Cheetah Miner
Koi Miner

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If your looking to use any of the paid services, payment in the form of Bank Wire, Crypto or Trade my time for Mining Equipment are the ONLY options and would be determined at the time the transaction is started.

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